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Our Motivation

When we looked to create elite sound for the expert gamers and audiophiles in all of us, we looked to the Greek god Arion – the Creator of Song and Chorus. And just as his songs captivated all who listened, we wanted you to capture the language that connects us with sounds that bring your imagination to life.We are inspired to change the way you see, hear, and experience music – that’s why we bring forth our best and brightest in ultra-modern design, acoustic precision, and versatility in all of our audio systems and accessories.Systems that are born of a long standing heritage, and together represent the instruments of the Arion legacy. In a world where sound is at the center of nearly every aspect of our lives, we power commanding audio that others will hear and follow.This is the gift of sound that brings life and invigorating energy to your digital entertainment and makes you the center of attention and action.

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High Definition Sound

Live in your world, hear it in ours. Our audio solutions are designed to unleash each note and detail of your music exactly the way it was produced.

Modular Power

Each of our audio solutions are designed with the ability to be adapted and upgraded to boost performance.

Trusting Performance

We understand the audio emitted is only as good as the instruments that make up its DNA. We held nothing back and bring forth only the best components and materials that work cohesively to recreate a sound that lasts.

Ultra-Modern Design

Music isn’t just about what you hear, it’s about how you look and feel. We challenged ourselves to capture a look that fell nothing short of bold, sleek, and empowering.