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Dual USB Ports

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Touch Play Speaker

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Our Motivation

Its name derives from the planet Neptune, which produces more energy than what the Sun provides. The Neptor line was developed to power you through every moment of your life by keeping you connected to your devices and the people within it. We believe technology should be colorful, fun to use and elegantly designed. Whether it is capturing your favorite memories on camera, video chatting with friends and family across the world on a tablet or interactively controlling your favorite tunes, we strive to bring you out of this world solutions to help keep your earthly devices ready for action anywhere and everywhere you are.

Here at Neptor, we incorporate an artisan flare into the world of technology to create not only savvy products, but everyday solutions for everyday people. Where all others seem to travel down the same path, we understood that in order for us to stand out, a different direction had to be taken. Every step of our design process is with the sole purpose of creating a more brighter, enjoyable and easier experience for the end user. We are very passionate group of people that are all about designing new products and creating consumer centric solutions to connect you to the things, people and activities that you love the most.

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Peace of Mind

It’s about being prepared during the times you need it the most, and when you dont. We provide you a peace of mind so that no matter where you are, you can always stay charged and connected.

Constant Connectivity

We’re more than just portable speakers and battery chargers. We look to provide you with the tools to better help you stay connected and share the things you love, with the people you love.

Pure Mobility

Designed to fit into your everyday lives without taking up too much. We put extra focus on delivering compact and easy to use devices that are easy and comfortable for the commute.

Colorful Technology

We bring out the most vibrant color schemes so you can give your mobile devices a fresh, renewed, and colorful charge.