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The Future of Eagle Tech: How We Are Advancing in Audio & PC

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 in Las Vegas was one for the ages. This once a year event sets the world’s biggest stage for companies to shine and showcase their latest innovation.

For Eagle Tech, this week long event (Jan. 6 10) was a monumental achievement as it welcomed a new lineup of products that included: the Alienvibes EP02 Headphone with active noise cancelation, Nanoxia’s award-winning silent PC cases, Ineo storage protection cases, and much more.

“The upcoming months that led up to CES 2014 were absolutely strenuous, but we could not be any more proud of the lineup added to our portfolio. The partnerships that we have made this year have allowed us to take our organization to the next level with a greater focus on lasting value, engaging user experience, and cutting-edge design. As we look ahead, we are excited to create new and better ways for technology to change the way we all live and interact with one another” – Joan, CEO of Eagle Tech.

Take the Alienvibes EP02, the company’s very first true active noise cancelation headphone that delivers more personalized listening by eliminating unwanted outside noises. Its 50mm high-definition audio drivers orchestrate powerful and unwinding sounds that resonate deeply and profoundly. It is fully equipped with travel-ready accessories that enable the user to enjoy digital nirvana anywhere on the go.

The addition of Nanoxia’s Deep Silence PC cases takes the company back to its humble beginnings. This collection features award-winning German engineering and design that delivers fully sound proofed, massively adaptable, and powerful cases for the high-end PC users. The towers feature precision craftsmanship with sound-absorbing insulation and rubber suspensions that eliminate airborne and mechanical noises to create quiet, stealthy operation. This is the next generation of personal computing.

Building upon its hand in storage solutions, the company also welcomed the arrival of Ineo hard drive storage and protection. These heavy-duty cases are designed with water, shock, and dust proof technology that provide a peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding your data. From individual to multiple drives, Ineo protection cases deliver durable, easy to use, and convenient solutions that take the fear out of data storage and travel.

CES ’14 was the time and place for all others to witness the kind of tone and direction that Eagle Tech is setting. With its recent advancements in the audio and computing industry, the company is certainly looking to proclaim its presence as one to take notice of.  



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