Our Story

Our humble beginnings started back in 2006 when our Founder & CEO decided to branch away from her father’s PC case tooling and OEM / ODM manufacturing to pursue her own calling. With nothing but a mind full of ideas, determination, and a vision, she made the leap and a dream was officially in the making. Along that journey she crossed paths with three individuals – a tech junkie, a producer, and a designer, who all sat around and talked about gadgets, music, and technology that would make life easier and more enjoyable. That was the day Eagle Tech was born.
We’ve come a long way since those days, but one thing’s never changed – we still share the same crazy passion, love, and inspiration in everything that we do. We believe that when it comes to technology, it’s not just about fancy features, sleek looks, or senseless specs – it’s about bringing people together and creating lasting impressions that make you feel connected, inspired, and alive. Over the years, our brands grew to include – premium audio systems, mobile accessories, and much more.
Each of our brands was designed with a unique persona and identity intended to address different niche audiences and their needs. Behind each brand lies a different soul, a different story - let us share ours with you.
    Arion Legacy was established to capture the language that connects us all - sound. Powered by the vision to change the way we all see, hear, and experience music, the incorporation of ultra-modern aesthetics, acoustic precision, and practical functionality makes Arion Legacy the audio solution of choice for audiophiles and elite gamers.
      Ineo brings a new and unique approach to simplify the world of technology. The extensive line of external storage systems and data storage drives represent the best in patented design, reliable performance, and greater user experience. In a market saturated by the generic status-quo, Ineo dares to change the way we all protect, share, and communicate information.
        Inspired by intuition and design from women, Neptor brings forth an artisan's flare into the world of technology, creating everyday products for everyday people. Tailored for the individuals always on the go who demand a little more out of their mobile devices, Neptor incorporates colorful design, complete portability, and user convenience to help keep you powered wherever you go.