Management Team

Wen Huang | VP of Sales

The most important thing for Eagle Tech is to integrate and to innovate. This is how Mr. Huang felt in July 2013, when he took over as VP of Sales. Eagle Tech has abundant resources as a traditional supplier to various of nation's top retailers and name brands, and the first thing is to integrate them. Mr. Huang works to maximize the competitiveness and effectiveness of the business.

Jordan Tat | Social Media Manager

Soon after joining the big family, Mr. Tat realized traditional methods of brand advocacy was simply not effective in the modern digital world. Rather than giving up and going with the status quo, Mr. Tat likes to challenge the management's thinking. His passion for customer-centric social media is second to none.

Christy Leung | Retail Merchandise Planner

Over 3 years of purchasing and client service experience in the retail industry. Mrs. Leung's goal is to use her experience to help both the company and retail clients grow. A go-getter, Mrs. Leung instills a high-performance culture in the workplace by encouraging others to surpass expectations and deliver results.

Julia Chow | Finance Manager

Highly motivated and experienced financial industry veteran with knowledge in corporate operations, compliance and risk management. Mrs. Chow joined the big family in February 2012. Her exceptional analytical and project management experience helps the company head in a strong direction.

Keynes Wang | Director SE Office

Mr. Wang experienced first hand the rise of Internet and PC in the mid-nineties. From 1991 to 2005 Mr. Wang had over 14 year experience dealing from design, to creation, to mass production for OEM / ODM orders for the nation's top PC retailers and CE name brands.

Robin Chen | Director Supply Chain Quality

Mr. Chen has over 20 years of experience in consumer electronics industry. His wealth of experience with top-grade IC's from Japan and high-grade steel and plastic from Taiwan is highly beneficial to product innovation within the organization. 

Veronica Gonzales | Graphic Designer

Design is a labour of love; it is a work that entails odd hours, long edits, bizarre briefs and tricky workloads. Ms. Gonzales has a love for art and a curiosity for the world around her, that passion is what keeps her going with a get it done attitude. Graphic designer by day and avid gamer by night, Ms. Gonzales enjoys competitive FPS games, and regularly hosts 24 hour streaming marathons.