Nanoxia LED Fitting 16/13

Nanoxia LED Fitting 16/13





We offer you a broad variety of straight and angled connectors and screw caps for every demand. Using those makes it very easy to lay out your tubing inside your system as desired. Our fittings are of the highest grade and offer outstanding quality. Sealing rings ensure that the fittings are permanently sealed.

This barb fitting is ideally suited to connect our CF 16/13 mm PETG tubes (or any other acrylic tubes with identical dimensions) and components with a G 1/4 inner thread in a water cooling circuit. The nut is used for stability and ensures an attractive appearance. The fitting comes with a specially designed LED light with 6 LEDs included. The PETG tubes are continuously illuminated by the LEDs and shine in the respective color. The LEDs illuminate specifically the cut surface of the PETG tubes and thus achieve a particularly impressive luminosity.The advantage of this set-up is obvious. You don’t need to illuminate your complete case with LED stripes, and you don’t have to ever use UV lights again.

The lightning of the tube is very selective and allows you to illuminate only the parts you chose. Even when using a neutral color, like white, you can achieve a very beautiful result with our fittings. The fitting has a cable duct to provide the LED ring correctly with power. The LED ring is powered by a 3-pin Molex cable and can be dimmed via a compatible fan controller. Please note: These connectors are designed especially for the CoolForce PETG tubes (or acrylic tubes with identical dimensions)! Please do not use these ports for conventional PVC tubing.


» Straight and angled connectors and screw craps to easily lay out tubing inside your system
» Fitting comes with specially designed LED light with 6 LEDs included
» Selective lighting lets you choose what parts of the case you want to be luminated
» LED ring powered by 3-pin Molex cable and can be dimmed via compatible fan controller
» Connectors designed specially for CoolForce PETG tubes (or acrylic tubes with identical


       LED tube fitting 16/13mm dimensions
      Model: CF Hard Tube LED G1/4" to 16 mm Ø - Green
      EAN: 4260285297410
      Manufacturer Number: CF-MGFFO-G
      Order Number: 300300720
      Colour: Black
      Material: Brass
      Diameter: 20 mm
      Length: 25mm
      UPC CF-MGFFO-B: 4260285297410
      UPC CF-MGFFO-G: 4260285297434
      UPC CF-MGFFO-O: 4260285297441
      UPC CF-MGFFO-R: 4260285297427

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