Nanoxia Cooling Liquid Distilled Water/Clear 1.000ml UV Reactive

Nanoxia Cooling Liquid Distilled Water/Clear 1.000ml UV Reactive




CF No.1 Aqua Pure Water is the perfect foundation for your water cooling system. The bi-distilled water is not conductive, with no artificial coloring added. It is perfect to be mixed with CoolForce CF1 fluids.

Please note that no corrosion blocker has been added – it is best used in combination with the CF No.1 base.

CF No.1 Aqua Pure  Water is distilled through two different filter systems - first through a reverse osmosis system and shortly afterwards by a subsequent de-ionized system. The pH value of 2.0 to 3.0 is in the acidic pH range.

The water is absolutely free of germs, which means that the growth of bacteria, algae and microorganisms are inhibited in your system. Aqua Pure Water is free of salts, deposits of minerals, ions and any pollution.

Quality control
The liquids and all parts of it are manufactured and overseen in Germany.

The liquids are examined each month for consistency and subjected to various endurance tests in cooling systems. With the CoolForce liquids you will always receive products of outstanding quality.

We suggest to change the fluid once per year.


» Non-conductive
» Stabile HDPE bottle
» Conductivity < 10 µs/cm (20 °C)
» Spray cap - no funnel needed
» Prevents algae growth in cooling system
» Compatible to all available PC-Water-Cooling-Systems
» Unopened shelf life of 3 years maximum

UPC: 4260285293856

Additional Information

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