Nanoxia PETG Hard Tubes 12/10mm, 16/13mm Diameter

Nanoxia PETG Hard Tubes 12/10mm, 16/13mm Diameter





Our CoolForce PETG Hard Tubes are ideally suited for experienced water cooling fans who are interested in creating a truly individual system. You have the option of two 100 cm long (12/10 mm), two 100 cm long (16/13 mm), five 50 cm long (12/10 mm), and four 50 cm long (16/13 mm) PETG Tubes, i.e. a thermoplastic polymer, which the user can trim as needed and which can even bend, if desired. The use of high-quality PETG gives our Hard Tubes a unique firmness, making them almost impossible to break.

With our Hard Tubes, you can realize the most demanding projects with a little effort and creativity, without the need to use a broad variety of different fittings or adapters. By employing a heat source, for example a heat gun, the tubes can be bent easily. We strongly recommend using our 10 mm or 13 mm CF Rubber Core, which gives the Tubes the necessary stability in order to ensure a safe and accident-free bending.

Our PETG Hard Tubes have an outer diameter of 12mm and an inner diameter of 10 mm or an outer diameter of 16 mm and an inner diameter of 13 mm. We also offer suitable CF1 fittings to use with our Hard Tubes.

Please note: We accept no liability for any damage caused by using of this product. Use at your own risk.

UPC CF-PETG12: 4260285293436

UPC CF-PETG16: 4260285293481

UPC CF-PETG450: 4260285296468

UPC CF-PETG550: 4260285293450

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