Nanoxia LED Bar 30cm RGB

Nanoxia LED Bar 30cm RGB




With our Rigid LED bars we offer you a particularly stylish and high-quality upgrade for your PC. This LED bar is 30 cm in length and consists of 27 ultra-bright RGB LEDs.

For the production of our Rigid LED Bars we ensure in advance that only components of the highest quality, in accordance with industrial standards, are used. The SMD5050 high-end LEDs we use are especially bright and develop an impressive luminosity.

Our Rigid LED bars come with a 4-Pin RGB-connector connector for motherboards with an internal RGB header - for example the Asus X99 Strix. The Asus Aura software is perfectly suited for controlling the RGB LED bars. Our RGB LED are Asus AURA certified.

With appropriate software, users can easily choose their favorite colors, dim the RGB bar or use various lightning modes.

Please note, however, the power consumption of each LED Bars – we are not liable for any possible damage to your hardware due to improper use.

Included are adhesive stripes which allow a very easy installation of the Rigid LED strips.

Each rigid LED strip has been tested during and after production. Only bars that generate 100% full illumination are made available.

Color: RGB
Length: 30 cm (11.81 inches)
Rated voltage: 12 V
Rated current: 0.53 A
Rated power: 6.4 W
Special Features: ASUS AURA SYNC certified
LED quantity: 27pcs (30cm)
LED-Type: SMD5050
Beam angle: 120°
Dimmable: Yes
Rated life: 50,000 hours
Working temperature: -20 to +55 °C
Storage temperature: -15 to +40 °C
UPC: 4260285294600

Additional Information

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