About Us
When we looked to create elite sound for the expert gamers and audiophiles in all of us, we looked to the Greek god Arion - the Creator of Song and Chorus. With his ability to captivate people with his songs, we were motivated to deliver a line of stereo systems to bring people together with fulfilling and invigorating sound. For all of the online gamers, the at-home movie goers, or the backyard party throwers, these are systems that will bring life and energy to your entertainment and put you at the center of it all.
The name comes from our motive to produce an "experience that is truly out of this world". When we looked at the headset, we were determined to look beyond it for what it truly is. When it comes to your music - the way you look, the way you hear the sounds, and the way you feel, makes all the difference. That's why we focused on delivering pioneering design, trusting performance, and superior build quality. We wanted to produce a headset that delivered more than just sound, but an experience that would evoke your deepest emotions and elevate your state of being to a whole other world - your own world of music. When you strap on a pair of Alienvibe headsets, you'll find a dimension where your music, your mind, and your spirit, become one.
Its name derives from the planet Neptune, which produces more energy than what the Sun provides. The Neptor line of portable battery packs provides you with incredibly convenient power and connectivity to your mobile devices. Whether it is being able to capture your favorite memories on camera, video chatting with friends and family across the world on a pad, or being able to find your way around a foreign city using a phone - we deliver fashionable battery packs so advanced that they just seem out of this world, to keep your earthly devices ready for action anywhere, everywhere.
At Ineo, we take a unique and focused approach towards simplifying the world’s technology. We believe it only makes sense that the tools and gadgets we rely on to make our lives easier, be easy to use. And just as the termneo stems from the meaning of new, we pride ourselves on discovering more innovative and ingenious ways to help people organize and manage their lives with technology that is simple and intuitive.
Our products pioneer the next level of design to create easier ways for you to protect, share, and communicate information. With a focus on reliable performance, visual appeal, and greater user experience, we provide the chic IT professional business users faster and easier solutions with our mobile and external storage systems.
From the Latin derivative of Rex, which means King, comes a line of portable speakers and mobile accessories for the sports enthusiasts, the outdoor campers, and the adventure seekers. And just as how the T-Rex was king of the dinosaur world, we were inspired to deliver a unique line to compliment the rule over your very own. Designed to unleash your inner fearlessness, we created waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof products to help you command your outdoor battles with nature and dangerous feats in the wild. This is a lineup geared to spark a higher level of unimaginable passion, inspiration, and motivation in the activities you love and enjoy.
When a small group of people come together who are crazy and passionate about technology, something crazy just might happen - that's our team here at Eagle Tech. Our humble beginnings started back in 2003 when our Founder & CEO decided to branch away from her father's computer venture to pursue her own calling. With nothing but a mind full of ideas, determination, and a vision, she made the leap and a dream was officially in the making. Over the years, our brands grew to include - premium audio systems, mobile accessories, Bluetooth receivers, and much more. With the power of the Consus®, Arion®, Neptor®, RexGear®, and the addition of the Ineo®, Nanoxia®, and Alienvibe® brands, we are committed to delivering consumer electronics that are easy-to-use, visually appealing, and long-lasting, to help you better connect and share the things you love and enjoy.
As a recognized brand of innovative and sophisticated PC cases and components in Europe, Nanoxia is powered by a team of experienced German developers who have established an award-winning reputation. Their core values are rooted deep in providing high quality components, innovative designs, and affordability in all of their products. We're pleased to be their exclusive distributor in the North and South American markets to continue helping consumers achieve a more enjoyable PC gaming experience.