"These speakers are UNBELIEVABLE. My coworkers were blown away with the clarity, quality of bass, and crispness."

− Sytelus

"I bought an NP056K 6 months ago. It worked so well, we got both of our kids one for xmas. VERY Happy with this item!"

− Eric R.

"The sound is just amazing for this price so is the size of the headphones."

− Randy

"Love it. Very nice DS6 case. And very solid quiet and good looking."

− Manny S.




When a small group of people come together who are crazy and passionate about technology, something crazy just might happen – that’s our team here at Eagle Tech. Our humble beginnings started back in 2003 when our Founder & CEO decided to branch away from her father’s computer venture to pursue her own calling. With nothing but a mind full of ideas, determination, and a vision, she made the leap and a dream was officially in the making. Along that journey she crossed paths with three individuals – a tech junkie, a producer, and a designer, who all sat around and talked about gadgets, music, and technology that would make life easier and more enjoyable. That was the day Eagle Tech was born.

We’ve come a long way since those days, but one thing’s never changed – we still share the same crazy passion, love, and inspiration in everything that we do. We believe that when it comes to technology, it’s not just about fancy features, sleek looks, or senseless specs – it’s about bringing people together and creating lasting impressions that make you feel connected, inspired, and alive.
Over the years, our brands grew to include – premium audio systems, mobile accessories, Bluetooth receivers, and much more. Each of the Arion Legacy®, Neptor®, Ineo®, Nanoxia®,and Alienvibes® brands is committed to delivering consumer electronics that are easy-to-use, visually appealing, and long-lasting, to help you better connect and share the things you love and enjoy.


Our brands have been advertised and featured in some of the most prominent technology and fashion publications